Retainer Packages

Retainers offer a set number of guaranteed support hours each month, providing consistent and tailored assistance that perfectly aligns with your needs and preferences.

By keeping me as your dedicated virtual assistant, you'll enjoy ongoing benefits for your business or personal life. Delegate tasks like appointment scheduling, email management, and research to me, freeing up your time.

This way, you can focus on crucial tasks and be more productive and efficient. If you have specific needs, feel free to reach out—I'm here to explore other options that work for you.

This informative video is here to show you the wonders of retainer packages! Say goodbye to stress with continuous support, tailor-made hours, and budget-friendly options that perfectly fit your needs.



Get your work done within 24 hours.

Priority Service: Retainer Clients Come First

When you choose my retainer service, you get top priority over ad-hoc work.

Custom Retainer Packages:

Boost Your Business with Tailored Support

Let's team up to make your business thrive! Check out the services I offer, and we can create a customised plan within the retainer hour packages, specifically designed for your needs. With a personalised plan in place, I'll provide top-notch support to help your business reach its full potential. Let's start making progress today!



280 GBP

8 hrs a month / 2 hrs per week

The starter package is ideal for clients who are new to VA services and require occasional support or help with specific tasks. It offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to access VA services as needed.



700 GBP

20 hrs a month / 5 hrs per week

The basic package is perfect for clients who require regular support and help with ongoing projects. With this package, you'll receive a consistent level of support that helps you manage your workload and stay on top of your projects.



1 050 GBP

30 hrs a month / 7.5 hrs per week

The premium package is perfect for clients who require a lot of help and support with multiple projects. With this package, you'll get a significant amount of support to manage your workload and ensure all your projects run smoothly.

Discover the Benefits of My VA Retainer Packages

Customisable Support When You Need It Most

If you're thinking about getting a retainer package for my VA services, let me highlight some of the advantages it offers. One of the biggest benefits is the consistent support and services you'll receive over an extended period. This is especially useful if you have ongoing needs or require frequent assistance.

The best part?

In summary, a retainer package provides great value and flexibility, while establishing a long-term working relationship with me as your trusted VA. So why not give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself?

A retainer package offers great value and flexibility. It helps us build a long-term working relationship as your trusted VA. Why not give it a try and see how it can benefit you?