In this breakdown, you will find detailed pricing information for the following services, where non-standard rates apply as a  one-off purchase. I believe in transparency and want to ensure you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions about your investment.

Inbox RefresherContact for quote

Attain inbox cleanliness and organisation through Inbox Refresher, which efficiently sorts emails into folders and eliminates unwanted subscriptions. This service gives you more control and makes managing your emails easier.

Logo - 3 design options - Pricing starts from£200

Letterhead Design£85
Business Cards Design£85
Signature Design: business cards, letter headed design£170
Signature Design Print: business cards, letter headed design£200

Business cards and letterhead paper are available in a high quality printed format with an additional charge for printing, which varies depending on the quantity ordered. Delivery is included.


The cost is £3.50 per page for basic proofreading services, accommodating up to 300 words. If the documents use a small font size that allows for more than 300 words, the pricing will be confirmed through the initial email. For more extensive editing or specialised content, please also inquire via email.

Hashtag Research£75

A thorough analysis of your target audience, industry trends, and popular hashtags to curate a customised list of strategic hashtags.

Email Newsletter£95

Personalised Email Newsletters that leave a lasting impression and make your subscribers feel valued and connected, featuring attention-grabbing subject lines and stunning designs.

Blog writing service - Pricing starts from£150

One 1300-word blog post with SEO-optimised keywords and included images, with one round of amendments.

For posters, invitations, trifolds, brochures, stickers, gift certificates/vouchers, postcards, books, and brochure creation, please inquire via email. All of these are also available in printed format with an additional charge for printing, which varies depending on the quantity ordered. Free delivery is included.

Fixed costs that include taxes.

To learn more about my business as well as the payment terms, please visit the "Contact" section of my website and navigate to the "Legal" page. From there, you can access the "Terms of Service" section to get all the necessary information.