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Take charge of your schedule and enjoy stress-free productivity with my Diary Package.


your productivity

with Expert Virtual Assistance

Simplify Your Schedule

As a busy entrepreneur, I understand the challenges that come with managing your hectic schedule filled with diary appointments, meetings, and calls.

The overwhelming demands on your time can lead to long hours and the sacrifice of your personal life, which can have a negative impact on both your well-being and your business reputation. It's essential to stay on top of your commitments to seize opportunities and maintain credibility.

That's where I come in as your dedicated Virtual Assistant, ready to support you in effectively managing your diary and enhancing your productivity. I specialise in efficient meeting planning, implementing strategies to avoid time wastage, and maximising your overall efficiency. By partnering with me, you can experience the relief of having appointments and calls scheduled in advance, reducing stress and ensuring your life stays organised.

Together, we'll create a personalised system that aligns perfectly with your needs and preferences. I'll help you organise your day, striking a balance by limiting the number of meetings and calls to prevent overwhelm.

Additionally, I'll ensure you have dedicated time for reflection, task management, and reviewing your to-do list, allowing you to maintain focus and stay in control.

Let's collaborate to simplify your schedule, alleviate stress, and supercharge your productivity. With my support, you can confidently take charge of your business, regain control of your time, and achieve your goals.

Discover Exciting Benefits
with the diary package, including:

  • Manage Your Schedule with Ease: Let Me Take Care of Your Calendar!
    I'll create and maintain your calendar, keeping it accurate and up-to-date with all your appointments and events.
  • Stay on Time and on Target: Get Timely Reminders and Updates
    I can send you reminders ahead of your appointments and events, helping you stay on schedule and avoid double bookings.
  • Streamline Your Meetings: Leave the Logistics to Me!
    I'll assist you in scheduling and managing your meetings, sending invitations, tracking responses, and keeping attendees informed about any updates.
  • Confident Booking Process
    I'll ensure that all parties are well-informed, accepted, and ready for the meeting or call.
  • Clear and Concise Scheduling: Organise Your Schedule Effortlessly
    I'll help you organise your schedule in a straightforward and brief manner, making it easy to understand by grouping different types of appointments and events.
  • Never Miss a Deadline Again: Stay on Track with My Task Lists and Reminders
    I'll assist you in staying on top of essential deadlines by providing task lists and reminders, ensuring that nothing important is overlooked.
  • Stay Informed and In Control: Receive Regular Reports and Updates on Your Schedule
    I'll provide you with regular reports and updates on your schedule and appointments, keeping you informed about what's coming up ahead.
  • Smooth Travel Planning: Relax and Let Me Handle Your Travel Arrangements
    Let me take care of managing your travel schedule for you! I can book your flights, hotels, and rental cars and make sure that all your travel arrangements are confirmed before your departure.

What Fits Your

Wants & Needs Best?

Ad-hoc Support

Pay As You Go

Diary management

35 GBP

Per hour including tax.

Diary management

420 GBP

Total costs per month including tax.

secured time

12 hours a month / 3 hours per week

Better Organisation

I offer expert diary management services to keep your appointments and meetings accurately recorded, prioritised, and organised. This level of organisation reduces stress and anxiety associated with a busy schedule.

Cost Savings

As a remote VA, I provide cost-effective and time-saving diary management services. You only pay for the hours worked, eliminating expenses like office space and benefits. This boosts productivity and saves you money.

Maintain Business Reputation with VA Destiny

Trust me to manage your schedule and uphold a strong business reputation. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and ensure credibility.

More Free Time for you

Outsourcing diary management to me gives you valuable time back and improves your work-life balance. You can pursue personal interests, spend time with loved ones, and recharge. This reduces stress and increases job satisfaction.

Diary Management Package Summary: 

Effortless meetings, helpful reminders, and more - all made simple and stress-free!

I'll take care of your calendar, making sure it's organised and clear. You can rely on me for timely reminders and updates to keep you on schedule. From scheduling meetings to managing attendee updates, I'll handle it with ease. With a smooth booking process, colour-coded organisation, and a focus on maximising your time and ensuring smooth client interactions, you can trust me to keep you informed and in control.

Stay Ahead of the Game:

Guarantee a Strong Business Reputation with va destiny

My virtual assistant services are tailored to assist busy professionals like yourself in effortlessly managing your diary, meetings, and calls. I aim to help you stay organised, seize every opportunity, and maintain a positive business reputation by avoiding missed engagements and preserving credibility. With this package, you can confidently rely on the assurance of a guaranteed good business reputation and enhanced credibility.

Allowing you to


on More Important Tasks

Boosted Productivity

Enjoy a more organised and efficient workflow with expert appointment management and scheduling. Experience a smoother, streamlined process that helps you stay on top of your tasks.

Improved Time Management

Take control of your time with a well-managed diary that allows you to prioritise tasks and appointments effectively. Enhance your productivity and efficiency, making the most of your workday.

Lowered Stress Levels

Say goodbye to the stress of missed appointments. With comprehensive appointment management and scheduling, you can relax knowing everything is taken care of. Experience reduced stress and improved overall well-being.

Better Communication Made Easy

Experience improved communication with hassle-free scheduling, timely reminders, and fewer conflicts. It saves time and energy while building trust and loyalty with customers and colleagues, crucial for business success.

Boosted Efficiency

Witness a significant increase in efficiency as your diary is expertly managed on your behalf. This frees up valuable time to focus on essential tasks like business growth and nurturing client relationships.


Let's lighten your load and start a fresh journey together!