Specific work or one-time project?

Ad-hoc - £35 per hour (Standard Rate)
Pay As You Go

1 hour minimum
Minimum one hour per month.

Transparent Time Tracking

You can trust that I'll keep track of every minute we work together, so you'll always know how your investment is used.


Retainer - £35 per hour

Secure a minimum of 8 hours per month.


The most popular services to help you budget.

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Did you know?

Working with a Virtual Assistant for just 2 hours daily can be as efficient as having a full-time employee, but with one major difference - it can reduce your expenses by around 75% compared to an FTE salary.

In simpler terms, hiring a virtual assistant for just two hours a day can be just as effective as having a full-time employee but at a fraction of the cost.

The client only pays for the work done and doesn't have to worry about providing equipment or software, paying for time off, or covering taxes and other expenses that come with having a full-time employee.

This is all possible because the client works with another business owner who is running a virtual assistant service. This way, the client benefits from the expertise of the virtual assistant while avoiding the costs and responsibilities that come with employing a full-time worker.